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Questions about golf fitting

Am I good enough to get fit?

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that high handicappers or novice players are not yet good enough to be fit. It is especially important for these players that the material suits the swing better than a lower handicapper who can adapt more easily.

The higher handicapper in particular will be able to quickly see improvement with well-fitted clubs compared to his existing equipment

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Why custom fitting?

We are all unique and find it very normal to fit many things around us, such as shoes. With golf clubs we notice that people quickly think: 'I just have to adapt to the clubs' or 'this is a good or expensive brand, that must be good'. The assumption that the flex of the shaft is always what it says is unfortunately not true. Here we experience very big differences that are, for example, also comparable to clothing. A size M in the US will certainly be different from the same size from Italy. Especially since we are dealing with 14 clubs in the golf bag, it is important to know the right flex and to coordinate it with each other for a homogeneous feeling.

The wrong clubs, shafts and simple things such as the grips and, for example, the balance of the golf club can ensure that this beautiful sport does not become easier or more consistent.

By correct fitting tailored to the individual swing and then getting the clubs assembled in the bag, you are guaranteed to enjoy your game more.

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Do you only supply custom work or also standard stock clubs?

We can supply both. If you want to choose to bring ready-made stock, this is of course possible and we will advise you on this.

Of course, our great added value is to indicate the interests of customization and then deliver accordingly. Through advice/conversation you may arrive at very logical explanations as to why certain things are necessary to take into account, but someone has to tell you.

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What sets you apart from other fitters?

Every shop and Pro's 'fit' in his or her own way, but the outcome will almost always result in an order from the factory where you get standard clubs that may be slightly longer/shorter and possibly upright or flat curved.


Here at Golf Etc. All clubs are/can be custom built to the necessary specifications with the greatest care.

We are therefore pleased with the exclusive collaboration with a number of major well-known brands for which we are individual component dealers, such as Callaway, Srixon, Cleveland, Cobra TaylorMade and Mizuno.

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My swing isn't always the same. Does this affect the fitting?

Through proper club fitting we can help you find clubs that fit the player as consistently as possible and are also matched to each other to form a unit as a set. We all have our good days and unfortunately also bad days, but our swing characteristics don't change that dramatically overall.

It is a quest to find the right combination for the player of the necessary dose of forgiveness of club head, associated loft and lie and the right shaft. Golf is very easy to summarize: how good are your bad shots?

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How long does a fitting take and what happens during that time?

For a complete fitting we spend approximately 3 hours together. After measuring the current material, we will collect data with the Trackman after an intake interview with the driver and the 6 iron, which we will then process in our unique fitting system. From there we will see to what extent the existing material still fits and can be adjusted or we will look for better performing new material.

We have many brands and options to test, from the well-known brands to perhaps some lesser-known hidden gems.

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What do I bring for a fitting?

For a complete fitting, please bring the entire set of clubs that you are currently playing with - including clubs that you may have taken out because you did not like them. In addition, the golf shoes, gloves and it is practical to wear comfortable clothing. Don't forget the ball you always play because we can also provide the necessary advice here.

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What happens after the fitting?

After a fitting session we have come to a conclusion which choice of material will work best. We will then make a suitable quotation and send it by email. After the choice has been made, we will assemble the desired clubs here in our own workshop and will contact you immediately when they are ready.

Depending on the order - something we will also indicate in the quotation - this will usually be around two weeks.

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Do you have various brands of clubs, shafts and different flexes?

We have a very large range of clubs, shafts and grips, which can largely be found on the website under the heading: GOLFSHOP. We also have a very wide range of shafts in various flexes from Ladies to X Stiff, but there is a specific question or choice of club and/or shaft and this is not listed on the site, give us a call and we can answer to possibly ensure that it can be tested here.

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Can I just walk in and test clubs?

You are always welcome in our store and an appointment is usually not necessary to test putters. To test clubs in our hitting room or for a fitting, it is necessary to make an appointment (+31 (0)40 20 30 489) so that we can give all the time to the right advice.

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I have purchased existing clubs or clubs elsewhere. Can you also fit them?

That depends a bit on what we can still adjust. E.g. placement of the shaft, swing weight (balance factor) of the club, correct loft and lie and grip (thickness) are options that we can usually adjust. It is therefore better to have it properly fitted before purchasing clubs so that the guesswork or just assuming that what it pretends to be on the label is correct. We can of course provide existing clubs with new shafts to more optimal or necessary specifications, but at some point the advice may be to say goodbye to the old clubs and opt for better-fitting new ones. We are happy to give you honest advice.

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The fitting takes place indoors. Why?

For a large number of golfers, an indoor fitting will take some getting used to, but this has a number of advantages over outside on a driving range and you may notice that almost all good fitters opt for an indoor range.

It is true that you may not immediately see the full ball flight, but a good fitter will not be (too) concerned with the swing - that's what the Pros are for - but rather with tailoring material to the player.

If, during a fitting outside, you see your first balls leave, for example, to the left, you will, like every player, quickly adapt in terms of technique and you put yourself at the service of the material instead of the desired vice versa and the spontaneity of the swing is away quickly too.

Another reason is that during the fitting we are going to use the actual ball that one would also use during a normal round and we are not going to use a usually fairly worn driving range or 80% ball that requires a Trackman or similar to make calculations. to leave.

-Furthermore, an indoor fitting will always take place at the same temperature for a fair comparison, whether you come in the summer or the middle of winter.

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Which golf putter suits me?

Finding the right golf putter is a personal choice and depends on several factors, including your playing style, preferences and body type. Here are some things to consider when choosing a putter that's right for you:

1. Weight: Some golfers prefer a lighter putter, while others prefer a heavier putter. Weight can affect the swing and feel of the putter, so try different weights to see what works best for you.

2. Length: The length of the putter is important for your posture and alignment while putting. A putter that is too short or too long can lead to inconsistency in your stroke. Test different lengths to see which one suits you best.

3. Balance: Putters have different balance points, namely face-balanced, toe-balanced and heel-toe balanced. Face-balanced putters are best suited for players with a straight putter motion, while toe-balanced putters work better for players with an arcing motion. Heel-toe balanced putters are a combination of both.

4. Grip Type: The grip of the putter can also affect your putts. There are different types of grips, such as standard, oversized, pistol and belly grips. Try different grip styles to determine which one feels most comfortable and stable.

It is also advisable to seek advice from a professional golf club fitter or an experienced golf professional. They can help you find a putter that suits you best based on your playing style and needs.

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