This is how we make your golf clubs

Club building process : With us you can buy clubs 'off the rack' like at any regular golf shop. These clubs can sometimes feel and perform differently due to a standard way of assembly in the factory.

In addition to the standard clubs, we offer two other options:

  1. Club building with the standard shafts
  2. Club building with custom shafts

Below we give a glimpse into the club building process. You will immediately understand that the costs are slightly higher, but the result for you is much better!

Step 1

Measuring the shafts.

We start by measuring the shafts. It is important to see whether all shafts have the same (top) quality.

Step 2

Select shafts

In this phase we place the shafts in order per club.

Step 3

Customizing shafts

With a regular golf set, each golf club has its own length. In this step we make the shafts to the correct length.

Step 4


We find out where the spin is per shaft for the optimal result

Step 5

Install ferrules

These are the sleeves on the shaft that attach to your club face. This makes the transition from club face to shaft more beautiful.

Step 6

Balancing golf clubs

Swing weight is an important factor and method to make the club feel as natural as possible for you during the swing.

Step 7

Glue the head

The head is glued to the shaft with a special component glue.

Step 8

To dry

The glue used to attach the head to the shaft needs a few hours to dry. So patience is a virtue

Step 9

Placing grips

It's starting to look a lot like a golf club. After the drying process we can start placing the grips.

Step 10

Finish off

Remove the glue residue and polish and check the clubs. We then look at the result with pride.

Step 11


When your golf set is ready to play. You will receive a message from us immediately.

Step 12

To play. Have fun!