How a club fitting works

Reception with a cup/coffee or soft drink

  1. Measuring your current golf set with an explanation of material knowledge and the importance of customization.
  2. Interview about your golf game and golf ambitions.
  3. Enter data from measuring your own golf material into the BGF system.
  4. You will be hitting with various component options.
  5. Linking your data to thousands of other players.
  6. Advice + Quotation about your personal set will be sent to you by e-mail.

Your preparation</h2 >

Good preparation is...

  1. Take your golf bag and its contents with you to the fitting appointment.
  2. Make sure you have your (clean) golf shoes with you.
  3. Also bring your golf gloves.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing.
  5. Think about your golf ambitions in advance.

How to make a fitting appointment</strong

Call or email us

To make a fitting appointment, please call or email us.
Phone: +31 (0)40 20 30 489
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Whether you have an HCP 36 or are a single HCP player, you will play better with a golf set that exactly matches your unique swing.< /h3>

Many off-the-rack golf clubs are made for the average golfer. And there is no such thing as an average golfer. Swing speeds, attack and launch angles, spin and swing plane can vary enormously from golfer to golfer. Moreover, the shafts of these clubs are rarely spun (the backbone of the shaft is in the right place) and usually even the stiffness of the shafts in 1 set is not constant. These factors can ensure that your golf game is not consistent. [Read more...]

You may be wondering if you, as a novice golfer, are good enough for a club fitting

It is especially the novice golfer or a golfer with a 'high' handicap that benefits from a club fitting. Because One of the biggest misunderstandings is that high handicappers or novice players are not yet good enough to be fit. It is especially important for these players that the material suits the swing better than a lower handicapper who can adapt more easily.

The higher handicapper in particular will be able to quickly see improvement with well-fitted clubs compared to his existing equipment

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