Every golfer has a unique swing

Whether you have an HCP 36 or are a single HCP player, you will play better with a golf set that fits your unique swing exactly.

Club fitting at golf-etcMany off-the-rack golf clubs are made for the average golfer. And there is no such thing as an average golfer. Swing speeds, attack and launch angles, spin and swing plane can vary enormously from golfer to golfer. Moreover, the shafts of these clubs are rarely spun (the backbone of the shaft is in the right place) and usually even the stiffness of the shafts in 1 set is not constant. These factors can ensure that your golf game is not consistent.

We have also found that if a shaft says stiff or regular, it is often not that stiff or regular at all. Golf is hard enough, especially with an unreliable set that doesn't suit your unique swing.

You will be contacted by Golf Etc. fitted in the same way and with the same accuracy as tour players are fitted. When we make a set for you, every club will feel the same, fit your swing exactly and help you play better. And better play means more fun.

How does it work?

  1. First we measure your current set with you. Swingweight, spine, stiffness, length, loft and lie are measured. All this data from the measurement of your own golf set is entered into the BGF system, which is exclusive to Golf Etc., and you will receive an analysis on paper. This allows us to quickly see how your current set is performing.
  2. You will then receive an extensive interview about your golf game. What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses? What distances do you hit and where are any gaps. How many laps do you run and how often do you practice?
  3. This BGF system (better golf faster) is a computer program and contains more than thousands of different swings and recommendations from top 50 tour players.
  4. All your data that we get from an interview with you and the results measured by our Trackman in the batting cage are entered into the system.
  5. The system now matches your data with one of the 12,000 swings and calculates the ideal frequency (shaft stiffness), kick point, etc.
  6. This results in a report with advice for swingweights, shafts and clubheads in various price categories. This is very different from how most fitters work. They often give advice based on experiences they have had with other golfers, while our system knows exactly which shaft suits you.

Are you interested?

Of course, our club builders are Mitchell certified and build the ideal golf set for you with the utmost precision.

It is a lifetime fitting. You pay for your fitting once and if your swing changes for any reason, e.g. due to a lot of training, injury or lessons, we will refit you. For the rest of your life, if necessary.

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