Golf-Etc offers the enthusiastic golf player a welcome alternative to the retail-oriented golf chains.

With a personal approach and the latest technology we offer you performance club fittings, professional club repair and club and swing evaluations.

We do not believe in margins or personal preferences. We believe in a golf set that fits your unique swing.

With a customized set, the ball spread can be reduced by 50% and your distances can be just 10-15% longer.

And if you want to play better with your tailor-made set, you naturally also want to look good in the course. That is why Golf Etc. also a nice collection of clothing, bags, trolleys, balls, shoes, gifts, accessories and more!

In addition to the major brands of clubs, we also have separate components with which we can make a perfectly fitting golf set for you.

All our club fitters are Mitchell certified and broadly trained to the latest developments.

Have you become enthusiastic? Come and visit us and don't forget your golf set.

You can find us here

Louise Briggs

Louise Briggs

Certified Clubbuilder

Rob Verhappen

Rob Verhappen

Certified Clubbuilder and Clubfitter

We Fit Your Game

You will be at Golf Etc. Fitted in the same way and with the same accuracy as the tour players are fitted.

If we make a set for you, each club will feel the same, match your swing and let you play better.