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Frequently asked questions about club fitting

Am I good enough to get fit?

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that high handicappers or novice players are not yet good enough to fit. Especially with these players it is important that the material fits the swing or player better than with a lower handicapper who can adapt a little easier.

The higher handicapper will be able to see rapid improvement with well-fit clubs compared to his existing equipment.

Why custom fitting?

We are all unique and find it very normal for many things around us, such as shoes. At golf clubs we notice that people quickly think: "I have to adapt to the clubs" or "this is a good or expensive brand, that will be good." The assumption that the flex of the shaft is always what it says is unfortunately not valid. Here we experience very large differences that are, for example, also comparable to clothing. A size M in the US will certainly be different than the same size from Italy. Especially since we are dealing with 14 clubs in the golf bag, it is important to know the right flex and to match it for a homogeneous feeling.

The wrong clubs, shafts and simple things like the grips and, for example, the balance of the golf club can ensure that this beautiful sport will not become easier or more consistent. By matching the correct fitting to the individual swing and thus getting the clubs built into the bag, you are guaranteed to have more fun in your game.


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If we make a set for you, each club will feel the same, fit your swing exactly and let you play better.

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