About Golf-etc. We would like to introduce Osn to you so that you can get a good idea of our golf products and services.

About Golf-etc.

Golf-Etc offers the enthusiastic golfer a welcome alternative to the retail-oriented golf chains.

With a personal approach and the latest technology, we offer you performance club fittings, professional club repair and club and swing evaluations. We don't believe in margins or personal preferences.

Golf shop with wide range

A golf shop with a wide choice of contemporary and selected brands.

Are you excited? Come by soon and don't forget your golf set.

Golf fitting & Club building

You play better with a club that fits your swing exactly!

We are certified club fitters and club builders. With a golf set fitted by us you will split better and with more pleasure.

We believe in a golf set that suits your unique swing. With a custom-made set, the ball spread can be reduced by 50% and your distances can easily be 10-15% longer.

In addition to the major club brands, we also have individual components with which we can make a perfectly fitting golf set for you. All our club fitters are certified and extensively trained in the latest developments.

Limited Editions

About Bettinardi and other brands

We are one of the few that can offer you some unique golf items. These are offered on a limited basis worldwide.

About Golf-etc.

Many ask themselves the question: Am I good enough to get fit?

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that high handicappers or novice players are not yet good enough to be fit. It is especially important for these players that the material suits the swing better than a lower handicapper who can adapt more easily.

The higher handicapper in particular will be able to quickly see improvement with well-fitted clubs compared to his existing equipment

Read Here you will find more FAQs about fitting

Unique parts + own workshop

Golf etc. is a unique individual parts dealer and is ultimately responsible for the assembly of the golf clubs. "Unlike a fitting at a regular golf shop or from your golf professional, our clubs do not come from the factory after assembly, but from our own workshop."

About Golf etc. you could read here. Visit our store or book a fitting to get to know us better.