We supply you with the optimal golf set that suits your swing

We ensure that you get a golf set that is tailored to your individual, personal needs. Golf etc. has a leading position as a supplier of custom-made golf clubs with various components.

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We build your golf set in our own workshop

Golf etc. is a unique individual parts dealer and is ultimately responsible for the assembly of the golf clubs. "Unlike a fitting at a regular golf shop or from your golf professional, our clubs do not come from the factory after installation, but from our own workshop."

Wij zijn experts In aanpassing en club building!

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About the benefits of an indoor club fitting

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Why club fitting?
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Why custom fit?

We are all unique and find it very normal for many things around us to fit, such as shoes. At golf clubs we notice that people quickly think: 'I just have to adapt to the clubs' or 'this is a good or expensive brand, that must be good'. Unfortunately, the assumption that the flex of the shaft is always what it says does not hold. Here we encounter very large differences that are also comparable with clothing, for example. A size M in the US will certainly be different from the same size from Italy. Especially since we are dealing with 14 clubs in the golf bag, it is important to know the right flex and to coordinate it for a homogeneous feeling.

The wrong clubs, shafts and simple things like the grips and, for example, the balance of the golf club can ensure that this beautiful sport will not become easier or more consistent. By fitting the right fitting to the individual swing and then getting the clubs built into the bag, you are guaranteed to get more fun in your game.

What distinguishes you from other fitters?

Every shop and Pro's 'fit' in his or her way, but the outcome will almost always result in an order from the factory, so you get standard clubs that may be slightly longer/shorter and possibly upright or flat bent. Here at Golf Etc. all clubs are / can be custom built with the greatest care to the necessary specifications. We are therefore pleased with the exclusive cooperation of a number of well-known brands in which we are a separate component dealer, such as Callaway, Srixon, Cleveland, Cobra TaylorMade and Mizuno.